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Ensemble was created in the frame of passerelle, a platform for young performers that offers classes and workshops in which professional artists and amateurs closely work together. 

Ensemble is "a short piece with music composed, conducted and lectured by Leonard Bernstein".

The starting point of the experiments for this piece focus on group dance in dialogue with classical orchestral music. This short creation builds on previous works: Solos Bach & Gould, Trilogy, and Slow Sports, by combining  physicality with the detailed attention to listening.

"Previously, when I have used music in my performances, the creation process has becomes the process of trying to understand what attracted me to that piece of music in the first place. This requires detailed and sensitive listening."

How do we listen together? How can we move together to listen? How does the eye react to a constellation of moving dancers?

Concept: Albert Quesada Created With and By: Valentine Galeyn, Laura Simons, Karen Lamberts Music By: Leonard Bernstein (Candide's overture), and excerpts from Johannes Brahms (Symphony no.1), Ludwig van Beethoven (Symphony no.5), Dmitri Shostakovich (Symphony no.5), Franz Joseph Haydn (Symphony no.11) Sound Design: Albert Quesada & Christian Francois Light & Video Design: Albert Quesada Images: Luc Depreitere

TOUR 2013

November 8,9,10  Passerelle vzw evening  Kunstencentrum BUDA, Kortrijk, Belgium

December 6  Passerelle Double Bill  Lier Cultuurcentrum, Belgium