Albert's teaching draws its interests and influences directly from two sources: on one side, from his experience as a dancer and performer with ZOO-Thomas Hauert. And on the other side, from his experience since 2008 as a creator. Everything he teach has been part of a creation, it has found its way onstage and proven to be a valuable skill for both amateur dancers and professional dancers in several educational contexts.

He teaches very different kinds of classes: from basic formal contact skills, creative and improvisation lessons, to advanced and less formal contact dances which require experience as a mover. ACME uses the tools of improvisation for investigation, sharing, composing and learning. And the company trains both the body (looking for an intelligent and aware body), and the mind (opening possibilities, challenging tendencies).


  1. Move to Listen: by extracting rhythm and qualities from music, we learn a variety of practices for listening while moving: scores and games to exercise our listening in connection to movement.

  2. Assisted Solo: under what we call Assisted Solo Journey, we create a 'supporting dance', reading and responding to our partner's dance becomes our very own dance. Starting with a solo being assisted by another dancer, the form develops until the whole room, be it 5, 10 or more, assist the solo. Supporters and soloist are part of the composition and intuitively design the choreography, making choices based on how to support the dance. The Assisted Solo form goes beyond the classroom, and it teaches us that asking for help (for assistance) can be a crucial skill in our lives.

  3. Resistance Mover: this class focuses on the resistance and muscular control in partnering.

  4. Time Manipulation: we will use techniques such as Slow Motion from our performance SLOW SPORTS, Stuck, technique developed in WAGNER & LIGETI, and Fast Forward, currently being developed. Our interests stems from the 'play of time' we see in technology. It is a particular approach to the body, a media we can constantly edit: starting from the pure mechanical body, passing through its rhythmical motion, and ending in the way we think as we dance.


  • single class (from 1h30 to 3 hours)

  • daily classes (from 1h30 to 3 hours)

  • daily workshops (3h + 3h)

PROGRAMS in the usa

Theatre and Dance Summer Programs at Mercersburg ACADEMY

Practicing Performance © Christopher Schieche

Practicing Performance  /  International Dance Festival

  • the first edition was from July 31st to August 11th of 2017 at Ohio State University (the next edition is currently being planned for 2019)

  • for ages 18+

  • dance lessons, choreography, lectures, performances, etc

  • guests artists from USA and Belgium




March 25>31  Move to Listen / Assisted Solo  /  Compagnia Menhir / Libero Corpo - Bisceglie, Italy

July 14>26  Performing Arts Intensive  /  Summer Theatre and Dance Camps - Mercersburg, USA


April 2>5  Cèl·lula Lab 1  /  Mercat de les Flors - Barcelona, Spain

July 15>27  Performing Arts Intensive  /  Summer Theatre and Dance Camps - Mercersburg, USA

August > December  Dance Professor  /  Temple University - Philadelphia, USA


July 16>28  Performing Arts Intensive  /  Summer Theatre and Dance Camps - Mercersburg, USA

October 9>13  Move to Listen / Assisted Solo  /  Virgilio Sieni / Cango - Florence, Italy


March 24>28  Assisted Solo  /  Oster-Impro Festival - Gottingen, Germany

April 25>29  Move to Listen / Assisted Solo  /  Charleroi Danses Training Programme - Brussels, Belgium  

June 20>24  Move to Listen / Assisted Solo  /  Venice Biennale - Venice, Italy

June 17>30  Theatre and Dance Partnering  /  Summer Theatre and Dance Camps - Mercersburg, USA

September 12>16  Group Composition  /  Institut del Teatre - Barcelona, Spain

September 12>16  Ways of Warming Up + Time Manipulation  /  La Visiva - Barcelona, Spain

November/December  Morning Classes  /  La Visiva - Barcelona, Spain


March 9>13  Move to Listen / Assisted Solo  /  Charleroi Danses Training Programme - Brussels, Belgium

April 2>6  Assisted Solo  /  Oster-Impro Festival - Gottingen, Germany

June 13,14  Move to Listen / Assisted Solo  /  La Visiva - Project LUPA, Barcelona, Spain

July 19>Aug 1  Theatre and Dance Composition  /  Summer Theatre and Dance Camps - Mercersburg, USA

August 22>28  Assisted Solo  /  Contact-Meets-Contemporary Festival - Gottingen, Germany