Echoes (2014) is a 9 min. creation, originally made for 18 Mercersburg Academy dance students and later adapted to 7 Shenandoah University dance students.

echo |ˈɛkəʊ| (pl.echoes): a sound or sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener.

Katie & Albert choreograph not by giving set material, but by giving instructions to the students. Their only job is to listen. Listen. Every movement is created anew each time they dance. The music is the generator, encouraging group listening, and improvised spatial patterns.

The starting point in making dances is often a musical composition. In Echoes, understanding the particularities of each sound track and the difference between percussive and melodic instruments, is our main concern. We implement instructions (written scores) to move with the sound they hear. The instructions may be rhythmical, visceral or spatial.


Katie & Albert encourage dancers to create on stage, learn while performing, and listen to move.

We invite the audience to observe our musical dancers bath in clapping, foot stamps, percussion and disco music.

choreography: Katie Vickers & Albert Quesada music by: Four Tet, Disclosure and Dick Van der Harst music arranged by Katie Vickers & Albert Quesada